Shwetha Vittal
  • Shwetha Vittal
  • "The more I research, the more I learn new things. And the more I learn, I appreciate the exceptional creativity and realize the greatest architect of the universe - The GOD (Generator, Operator, and the Destructor). There is no research without the power of GOD in it." - Shwetha Vittal
  • Ph. D. Research Scholar
  • Passionate in Telecom Domain, especially 5G, LTE, Network Slicing, Mobile Edge Computing, M2M Communications, Internet Of Things
  • 14.5 years of Industry experience in telecommunications software development (LTE, EPC (MME, PGW, SGW), NFV, 3G, UMTS, VoIP), with strong analytical skills and broad range of technical expertise.
  • Experience in design, development with C, C++, testing, maintenance and support
  • Strong skills in development and debugging in C on Linux.
  • Good skills in leading the development team.
  • Solid experience in customer interactions.





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