# Investigator Project Duration Grant Funding Source
1 Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (Co-PI) AI/ML-enabled In-Network Security and Power-Performance Management schemes 2023- 2024 ₹ 79 Lakh Intel(CSR)
2 Antony Franklin (PI) Design and Development of Cost Effective Vehicular Edge Computing Platform for Automotive Industry 2022- 2025 ₹ 22 Lakh Science and Engineering Research Board, Govt. of India
3 Antony Franklin (PI) Enabling Multi-Hop in C-V2X Network 2022- 2024 ₹ 2.5 Crores Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan
4 Antony Franklin (PI) Minimization of HD Maps data transmission through edge caching and spatial aware update transmission 2022- 2024 ₹ 25 Lakh NMICPS, TiHAN Foundation
5 Antony Franklin (PI) Autonomous driving enabling fog computing platform with edge cloud orchestration and edge analytics 2021- 2024 ₹ 37 Lakh Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India
6 Antony Franklin (PI) Development of Indian Telecommunication Security Assurance Requirement(ITSAR) 2021- 2024 ₹ 2.3 Crores National Security Council Secretariat, Govt. of India
7 Antony Franklin (PI),
Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (Co-PI)
[COW_1] Project COW Pilot 2020- 2021 ₹ 5 Crores Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan
8 Antony Franklin (PI),
Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (Co-PI)
Network Slice Life-cycle Management for 5G Mobile Network 2019-2021 ₹ 80 Lakh SPARC, MHRD, Govt. of India
9 Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (PI), Antony Franklin (Co-PI) CCRAN: Energy Efficiency in Converged Cloud Radio Next Generation Access Network 2018-2021 ₹ 1.16 Crores Intel India
10 Antony Franklin (Co-PI), Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (Co-PI), Kiran Kumar Kuchi (PI) Indigenous 5G Testbed (jointly with IITM, IITB, IITD, IITK, IISc, SAMEER, and CeWiT) 2018-2021 ₹ 240 Crores DoT, Govt. of India
11 Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (PI), Antony Franklin (Co-PI) DNS/IPv6 for IoT Security 2018-2019 ₹ 25 Lakh NASSCOM, India
12 Antony Franklin (PI) Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Protocols for 5G 2017-2018 kr 148000 STINT, Sweden
13 Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (Co-Project Manager), Prof. Uday B Desai (Project Director) M2Smart: Smart Cities for Emerging Countries based on Sensing, Network and Big Data Analysis of Multimodal Regional Transport System (Jointly with Nagoya Electric Works and Nihon University, Japan) 2016-2021 ¥ 480 Million JST/JICA┬áSATREPS, Japan
14 Antony Franklin (PI) Low Latency Network Architecture and Protocols for 5G Systems and IoT 2016-2019 ₹ 33 Lakh SERB, Govt. of India
15 Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (Co-PI), Kiran Kumar Kuchi (PI) Converged Cloud Communication Technologies 2014-2019 ₹ 23 Crores Meity, Govt. of India
16 Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (PI) Consultancy project on Wireless Networks 2013-2014 ₹ 7,20,000 Uurmi Systems, Hyderabad (now part of Math Works)
17 Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (PI) Multi-link communication technology 2012-2013 $ 15,000 KDDI R & D Laboratories, Japan
18 Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (Co-PI), Zafar Ali Khan (PI) Cyber-Physical Systems Innovations Hub (http://cps.iith.ac.in/) 2011-2016 ₹ 17.6 Crores Meity, Govt. of India